1. The minimum age for participants to go on an event is 16 years old with a parent/guardian (over 18).

2. No drugs or alcohol to be consumed on or before events what so ever.

3. There is restricted access at some of the locations we visit, clients with disabilities are required to get in touch with us before booking to check if the location is accessible. Please go to the contact section to do this. 

4. Due to restrictions at our locations heavily pregnant women are not allowed on any of our events.

5. Please respect everyone in the building whatever their beliefs (including the spirits). Do not remove anything belonging to the building nor damage it in any way.

6.  Breaking Paranormal UK will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft to your own equipment or clothing before, during or after the event. This includes vehicles, parking tickets/fines, clamping and vandalism. 

7. We rarely use mediums and psychics on our events, if we do decide to use one we will only use professionals. Our team is made up of professional investigators with many years experience, however they are not there to make you believe in ghosts, we will only guide you and try and provide evidence. It is up to you and your own beliefs whether you believe or not.  We will never fake any activity.


8. Whilst on our event you may not experience anything paranormal, some night's it can be very quiet, that's just ghost hunting I'm afraid and we will not refund any money if you feel nothing happened.

9. These terms and conditions are non-negotiable and your booking confirms these.


We hold the right to cancel any event at any time due to bad weather, staff illness or if that event has not received enough bookings to cover the hire cost of the location. If we need to cancel we will give you as much notice as we reasonably can and we will offer you a full refund or move your booking onto another event.


Once you have made the booking it is your responsibility to make sure you can attend the event, we cannot offer a refund or transfer your places if you are unable to attend. Our locations are paid in advance and we are liable for these costs even if you cannot make the event.