How do i book?

If you wish to book you can do so via the payment link in the events screen or if your struggling please fill in the contact us form with your requirements and we will get back to you.

What will I be doing during the investigation?

Unlike most groups we will organise the night around our guests.  For those that wish, they can join our team and undertake an investigation with us and our psychic medium, otherwise we will be happy to allow you to investigate with your friends or team (location allowing)  If you join us we will talk you through all the methods we use to investigate and if you dare we may even take you off for a lone vigil.......

Is there an age or any other restriction?

We only allow over 18's on events, this is due to insurance and safeguarding.  Some locations are also unsuitable for guests with certain disabilities but if your unsure please contact us before booking.  Alcohol  is also not allowed and anyone turning up under the influence may be refused entrance (without a refund) this is because it can ruin the experience for other guests.  Anyone also thought to be under the influence of drugs will also be ejected.

Do you undertake private investigations?

The team has years of experience in the paranormal field and many of us have been involved investigating and helping private individuals.  For more info please use our contact us page and we will be happy to discuss your situation.

What do i need to bring?

Every location has different requirements.  Our team will contact you prior to the event with info on what you need to bring......... also remember your torch!!!

If i don't want to take part in certain experiments can i sit out?

Yes!!! even we aren't that mean.  We get a lot of guests who don't want to take part in glass or board work, in these situations your can sit and watch or we can take you off to do something else....... remember we arrange the night around you.

Ive been on investigations before and things were faked..... do you fake things?

Absolutely not!!  we are all serious investigators who are fully aware that sometimes things just don't happen.  Every location and every night is different........ thats ghost hunting!!